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I visited Ash today

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Sep. 15th, 2009 | 02:53 pm
mood: predatory predatory

Well, at 3 this morning I was talking to Naoko, and she passes out. So I go to Setsuna and BaNg! The Tree FALLS DOWN! IT CRUSHES HER!

Kyra's CPR liscened expired, yet Setsuna's isn't so I woke him up and made him preform CPR as I called 911. The police and the firemen come and it's another hour before we get Naoko to the hospital.

There Setsuna and I sit together all nervous and they announced they found some pretty whacky chemicals on her system, and that they come from the remote region from the park.

so I walk out and visit Ash. He tries to throw a vase at me, but I catch it and break it. I tell him he needs to calm down, and that Naoko's in serious trouble atm. He goes off on her, callnig her a fruit whore..I don't know what happen but then his freaking chair flies out the window, and the nurse hits me on the head with a radiator fragment. So I'm arrested and thrown in jail and he gets emergency surgery.
The funny thing is, he's nearly healed just three more days, I want him in a damn coma. You'll be fine, just three more days.

I just begin to cuddle myself on the top bunk and then  I hear noise on the bottom bunk, it's Soul. With a piece of wood...giving her a seriously deep splinter.


So we sleep as we secrety pass a pen to write on the...wood. D: that soul has. We make our escape....

....-the next day-....

Soul and I wake up in STRIPES! STRIPES! STRIPES! D: I DON'T LIKE STRIPES! WHO DOES? But yeah we then make our escape.

Soul, on cue, begins to hump some wooden table as I crawl out through the back as the Lunch Ladies remark, "that's the 8th time she's done that since she's been here"

Then Soul says she agrees to stop as the cop sends her to solitary confidement, and right as he shuts the door, she places a piece of wood, she opens it up and walks out.

Hell yeah.

Now we're on the lamb...literally. HEY, 26.50 CAN ONLY GET YOU SO MUCH WHEN IT COMES TO TRANSPORTATION.

Soul suggested we ride the Magic tree there. {-_-}

And of course when we were on the "Wooden Bridge'' Soul begins to strip naked as some guy sends her flying over her Sheep runs off, mine does too and I go flying in to the river. So then I take my clothes off as well realized that we can be identified by these clothes...A little late as the police have closed off the river. So we Hide...naked...under the bridge, as Soul opens up some door she found and we walk through the sewers...naked....

I find a Manhole a good 4.5 miles away and I open it up. We're in someone's basement, but it's really, really cold. And I see all these dead bodies, Soul and I scream and we take an elevator to the top. we end up on the third floor and we realized.


Of course the gaurds recongize Soul and they tackle her right off the bat and I make a run for it.

I see a poster that has Soul and our pictures and it says "do not allow on premises"

The gaurds see me streaking on the fifth floor and I run into a room...Ash's room, except Ash is being wheeled by a Nurse somewhere. And Setsuna is seeing me naked...he's here. he stated that after I was arrested he called Hibiki, Ayumi, and Naoki, but Naoki said that Hibiki and him were searching for Soul, and Ayumi wants nothing to do with Ash.


So I hide behind a curtian as the secruity gaurds come running by in Naoko's and Ash's room. I realized that Naoko is now in Ash's room.

The gaurds ask setsuna has he seen me, I pray that he doesn't. And Naoko sees me naked and quickly writhes and turns away. The gaurds walk towards where I am, "oshit Imma go back to prison and be raped by J" Then Setsuna says

"No, she's not here at all"

Naoko adds with

"If she was here, I would let you know"'

Thanks guys, but they can't let me walk around naked that's a tell-tale sign. Naoko says she has a spare outfit, and it turns out to be....




Could things get any worse? 

Well we hear a deep rumbling sound, and BLAM!

The Hospital Blows it's top, we're all tossed into the air and all the people look like they're going to die.

And the pear costume makes me bounce like a ballon, and everyone that's falling from the sky because of the explosion [including Ash in a wheelchair, and a 826 pound man,  and a Jesus Christ look alike] all land on my Pear costume and bounce into the pool. in the neighbor's yard.

no fatalities...wtf?


But for my herosism, I am freed from prison. But I still haven't seen Soul all day today, any idea where she may be?

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